Honey in Different Languages

Speaking words in Different Languages

Honey in Different Languages

Let's face it; being able to speak multiple languages would be really cool.


How to say Honey in different languages.

Albanian mjaltë
Basque eztia
Belarusian мёд
Bosnian med
Bulgarian пчелен мед
Catalan mel
Croatian med
Czech Miláček
Danish honning
Dutch honing
Estonian mesi
Finnish hunaja
French mon chéri
Galician mel
German Honig
Greek μέλι(méli)
Hungarian édesem
Icelandic hunang
Irish mil
Italian miele
Latvian medus
Lithuanian medus
Macedonian мед
Maltese għasel
Norwegian honning
Polish kochanie
Portuguese mel
Romanian Miere
Russian мед(med)
Serbian душо(dusho)
Slovak med
Slovenian medu
Spanish miel
Swedish honung
Ukrainian мед(med)
Welsh mêl
Yiddish האָניק

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Honey in Different Languages

Comprehensive list of synonyms for speaking or translating other languages, able to speak several different languages well ... - Now is the time to do it.